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    Belated congratulations are in order for Matt Bomer. 

    The former White Collar star reveals in the May issue of Details that he and longtime partner Simon Halls privately wed back in 2011. 

    Bomer who quietly came out in 2012, and Halls, a Hollywood publicist, have three sons together, an 8-year-old and a pair of 6-year-old twins.  

    The 36-year-old’s upcoming role as dying AIDS patient Felix Turner in The Normal Heart, HBO’s movie adaptation of gay rights activist Larry Kramer’s critically-acclaimed 1985 play is one close to the actor. In high school, he says, “I was in romantic relationships with girls … At the time, I was clueless and obviously in a different place in relation to my sexuality.” But, adds, reading the play in 1992 “completely rocked my world.” 

    For Bomer, who lost more than 35 lbs. for the movie, it’s the role of his life. “I wouldn’t have a lot of the rights I have today if it wasn’t for people like Larry … It’s rare that you get to be a part of something that, hopefully, has some significance socially or historically,” he says. “And then to have a role that changes you? I think that’s the best you could hope for in this profession.

  2. We kind of just trusted him — we definitely thought that he’d be able to bring something interesting to the role, and we loved Jessica’s work as well, so it all came together really fast. In fact, we cast them like two days before we actually shot the video, which was really quick and kind of a testament to how awesome Darren and Jessica are.
    — "Already Home" director, Isaac Rentz, on casting Darren Criss & Jessica Szohr. (THR.com)

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  3. We’ll never forget the first time we saw Darren’s character Blaine sing the opening lines of the song. We were at our apartment with all of our family and friends, and in that one moment, millions of people were hearing those words … he’s one of the sweetest and most humble humans we’ve met.
    — A Great Big World on Glee’s cover of “This Is The New Year”. (THR.com)

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  4. Give me all of you
    Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts
    Risking it all, though it’s hard

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    I wonder if he knows the script is visible


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    whenever i watch a show with my family i like to throw in bits of trivia about the writers, actors, original script… that sort of thing

    they’re never as awed as they should be tbh

    #i just stare at them and wonder why they don’t care 

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    Story of My Life (Glee Cast Version)

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    'Cause all of me
    Loves all of you
    Love your curves and all your edges
    All your perfect imperfections

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    "All Of Me" - Blaine Anderson (Original by John Legend)

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janemarielynch: #GleeAlong @DarrenCriss wettin’ his whistle 

    janemarielynch: #GleeAlong @DarrenCriss wettin’ his whistle 

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